Want to waste some time looking at some zombies being splattered all over the place? Sure you do so enjoy these zombie kills. PS – not a slide show!

So enjoy these 20 gifs of zombies biting the dust. But maybe you should do it AFTER lunch.

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Juan of the dead

Daryl kills three witha chain

Helicopter to the head – Dawn of the Dead

Zombie Killing Preist — Dead Alive

Snowmobile charge — Dead Snow

Jon Snow with the Valyrian Steel

Back that @ss up! — Dawn of the Dead

Head shut in a hatchback

Zombieland – Death by piano

Zombiecopter — 28 Weeks Later

Diary of the Dead — Half a head hanging

Glenn cuts a head in half

Death by cheese wheel

Sniper Shot Z-Nation

Lawnmower mowin’ down — Dead Alive

Liberty Bell ZNation

Mixer face ZNation

Batter up! — Zombieland

Grenade to crotch — Planet Terror

To the beat of the song — Shaun of the Dead

Bonus GIF
Zombie Vs. Shark — Zombi 2