We all need to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse and the single most important thing for you to do right now is work on your cardio.

This is a part of the ongoing series “A Different Take on Zombie Survival Plans“.

Zombies. The very word sends a shiver of fear—or perhaps excitement—down our spine. Since its conception, the walking dead has been stuck in the minds of people with seemingly no intention of leaving. The very idea that the dead would rise and bring total chaos upon this world is somehow oddly enticing.

One of the many reasons why zombie apocalypse appeals to our higher mind so much is because of its horrifying feasibility. Of course the dead would crave the warm and juicy flesh of the living. Of course they would wreak havoc upon our world and change the face of the earth for good. Maybe even for the better but either way if you want to be around to see it or even thrive in it then there’s one step many of us our lacking. It’s a step that we could take right now and no matter what the future holds for society we’d be more prepared to take on whatever comes our way.

How Lacking Cardio Could be the Death of You:

If you were to find yourself between a rock and a hard place, your body would be your only chance of survival. Moving forward means having your flesh torn off of your bone by a horde of hungry zombies. Moving backwards means having rotten teeth sink into the tender meat of your jugular. When it comes to that, cardio would mean the difference between life and a miserable afterlife as a lumbering bag of old meat.

To prove this point, consider this list pertaining several situations that could occur during a zombie apocalypse where good cardio will really come in handy:

  • When you are opening a door and suddenly a moaning corpse jumps out at you. Only good cardio and reflex will allow you to evade and retaliate.
  • When you are fulfilling nature’s call and suddenly a zombie lumbers into the toilet. You have to leave your unfinished business for a later date. Now it is time to zip up and run.
  • When you are taking a shower and suddenly you have to run for your life while gathering up your weapons and clothes.
  • When you are filling up your gas tank for free and suddenly a zombie chases you. You will have to make sure the gas does not overfill while keeping yourself intact.
  • When the members of your zombie apocalypse survival group have all boarded an escape vehicle and you are the only one left behind. You have to run and catch that vehicle, because they will not slow down for you.

Lack of state-of-the art weapons or lack of survival skills can be dealt with. You will learn it as you go. But when you lack cardio, zombie apocalypse will become a literal hell for you. You depend on cardio for everything. In fact, your life depends on it.

So where do we go from here? Up next we’ll go over the survival rule of 3. Trust me you need to know it.

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