Remember kids…There’s no place like home.  Even if it’s full of zombies!


This is a part of the ongoing series “A Different Take on Zombie Survival Plans“.

Most of the advice you see on other plans is that you have to move away from where you live in order to survive.  That’s simply not true and all around bad advice to boot.  Why?  Well first off the highways are going to be useless due to all the accidents by boneheaded drivers listening to that advice so it’s bound to be full of zombies from all of people that died in those accidents or who were just outright bit by the undead.  Second, if you don’t already know the lay of the land then you are just fooling yourself.  Where are you going to get food?  What about shelter?  I’m in the mood for a Slurpee Any 7-11’s around?  You don’t know!  The grass is always greener my friend…and the zombies are always less “bitey” too.  Your best chance of survival is to stay where you know the area.

Know your surroundings like the back of your hand!

Of course getting out of the library from time to time will be a must.  To forage for food or supplies at some point you will have to get out.  Now for this case we are going to assume that you’ve been living life like a rock star in your own private library.  Burning the magazines for warmth if necessary or books that know have no use to you in this situation.  Also we’ll assume that you’ve already cleaned out all of the surrounding neighborhood houses left empty by people who figured the best place to go would be on a cruise ship in the ocean (good luck learning how to man that thing and where to refuel it…it’s a just a floating, or sinking, death trap).

Zombie Survival Tip #2

So how can you travel virtually undetected through the city popping up almost exactly where you need to then gone again after you score your haul?  The city sewer system of course!  You’ve always wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle anyway right?  Yell “Cowabunga!” as you plan out your route via the MAPS of system in your library.  Need some meds?  Pop up close to the hospital and grab some.  Need to restock your food?  Pop up in a subdivision and now you have new houses to scavenge.    But don’t think about living down in there because they will occasionally flood.  Just use it as a safer way to get from point A to point B.   Don’t worry about the smell either.  Not a lot of pooping going on in the toliets during the zombie apocalypse besides the sheer volume of rotting corpses topside is going to make you gag so much that you’ll add a nose plug to your daily wardrobe anyway.

So where do we go from here?  The next tip will be zombie fashion and what you wouldn’t think to include in your wardrobe until it’s too late.

Do you agree?   Let us know how’d you travel when you have to in the comments below.

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