So what’s it like being a zombie?

Recently we had the opportunity to ask noted Walker Tim Proctor what it’s like to work on the set of The Walking Dead and asked our Facebook Friends to help out with some questions.

What was the hardest and easiest part about being turned into a walker?

interview with a Zombie

We’re pissed off because he’s better looking than us

I wouldn’t say it’s really easy or hard. I enjoy the process. It’s always fun to see the transformation. It can take usually an hour and a half … sometimes longer. I’m sure some people may find it hard to sit for that length of time but for me, it goes by so fast. It’s always a treat to be sitting in the makeup chair.

How long did it take for you to get all of your make up and costume on before filming?

Generally the makeup takes on average of an hour and a half. The wardrobe is usually already picked out for us so it pretty quick to get the clothes and head over to makeup. We usually show up really early in the morning to start the process.

What if anything from TWD will you carry with you into your future acting endeavors? Other than the Zombie shuffle of course!

I think it would have to be confidence. I’m not usually comfortable on camera but when I have the makeup and wardrobe on, it’s like I’m a different person. You become the character. If you were to ask me to act on a stage I would probably have a heart attack LOL. I’ve always secretly wanted to “act” but was always too shy in school to pursue it. Working on this show allows me to fulfill that desire without the panic attacks LOL. I see myself more as a performer than an actor.

Were you a zombie fan before TWD? Given the choice would you rather be a fast moving zombie or a sluggish walker?

interview with a Zombie

Yup…still better looking than us

I’ve always loved horror in general. I was a huge fan of TWD before I started working on it. I’m still a huge fan even after. If given the choice I would always go with the slow moving zombies. They feel more “real” to me. When I think of zombies I never picture the fast moving ones. But I still love movies that feature them. Zombies are just cool… what can I say. 🙂

How do you keep cool when wearing all the makeup in the hot sun?

Um, lots of water and shade. It can get rather warm and it can be really cold since we shoot from May to November usually. But they take very good care of us. The entire cast and crew is awesome. … seriously!! Honestly, I’m fine either way…hot or cold. I love the show and I’m willing to do whatever to be a part of it. Really… they could probably ask me to do anything and I would be right there.

What are the funniest thing that’s happened while you were in full makeup?

I don’t know if it’s the funniest but I do remember one time during the season 5 premiere, I had contacts in and was supposed to drop and feed on one of the bodies at Terminus. Well the next day, the guy said… hey do you remember eating me? I didn’t know zombies ate other zombies. Hey, all of the bodies looked alike to me. So yeah oops. LOL. It was never shown though.

Is it as awesome as it seems to actually be able to be a part of the walking dead experience?

Being a huge fan, I think it’s beyond awesome. I love every minute of my time on set and I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity. It was a dream come true for me.

If you were to end up getting killed Who Would you want from The Cast to kill you?

interview with a Zombie

Dead sexy!

That’s tough to answer. The entire cast is awesome. My three favorite “characters” are Michonne, Rick, and Carol. But if I got to pick, I would love to have Michonne cut my head off or something like that. That would be cool.

I hear that the walking dead makes you go to “zombie school”. What was that like?

Zombie school was fun. I was so excited to go that I could not sleep the night before. So I really felt like a zombie when I was there. We did a lot of exercises and pretty much showed Greg Nicotero what we had. It sorta felt more like an audition than school. It wasn’t very long. I just hoped I had done well enough to get called back to film…. which I did. 🙂

How long do they keep you in makeup for at a time and how long does each scene take?

We can be in makeup for 12-16 hours…sometimes longer, sometimes less. But I would say an average day is around 12 hours. As far as how long the scenes take, I can’t really answer that because it varies depending on what’s being shot.

Have you ever gone home in zombie makeup & scared the crap outta people?

No because we remove all of the makeup before we leave. It would be fun though if we could. I would just like to walk through the meat section at a grocery store… that could be fun. :