“But these Zombie films will be different!” – Every Beginner Filmmaker

These days anyone can get their hands on affordable cameras that produce high-quality images without having to spend 10s of thousands of dollars like our dear friends in Hollywood do along with that editing and special FX programs are all over the place and are cheaper than they’ve ever been. So why isn’t anyone producing zombie films we’d love to see?

I’m sure you’ve got friends that are “making movies” today and have already hit you up for funding or to help with their Kickstarter campaign for the next Sundance worthy indie film about a masked serial killer who looks a LOT like the rest of the masked serial killers we’ve already seen in the blockbusters from Hollywood. But honestly, your friend’s zombie films are different and will get distribution and fame and fortune and blah, blah, blah.

Or they are making a string of zombies film (most indie horror first timers do…I did) with a “twist”. The twist will be something like the zombie’s talk or are afraid of sunlight, or they aren’t really the traditional zombies but something new (and usually dumber) altogether.

Why are we limiting ourselves? So the gang at Escape From Zombies decided to brainstorm a bit to give the novice filmmakers a little kick in the pants and see if we can get a few new ass kicking indie zombie films on Netflix this year!

On the off chance you don’t get our humor and actually like an idea you see below feel free to run with it and don’t look back! All we ask for is a small “thank you” credit to us at Escapefromzombies.com.

Note – We did not look on IMDB to see if any of these zombie films actually exists. This was just the result of too many beers and too much time on our hands….and too lazy to look any of them up.

Zombie-Saurus Rex!

A crazed paleontologist stops at nothing to clone the most brutal predators known to have walked the earth only to create a zombie dinosaur hybrid with a hunger for human brains!

Predators vs Zombies

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 20th Century fox make this one!!! The Predators are on another hunting excursion on Earth but happen to come moments before the zombie apocalypse happens. Predators and humans have to band together to survive. PLUS a Predator zombie would be awesome!

I Was a Teenage Zombie

A comedy about a teenager who is a zombie going to high school and fits in with all of his human friends so well that they don’t notice what he is…until he get hungry.

Zombie Clause

It starts with some of the elves turning into zombies and right as Santa is making his escape in his sleigh he’s bit. So then he continues on his journey Christmas night only instead of leaving presents to all the good boys and girls he eats them. It’s up to the naughty children on his list to stop him.

I.T. Zombies

Patient Zero works for a fortune 500 company in the IT department and even though he doesn’t feel well he decides to just “tough it out” and go to work not knowing that he’s becoming a zombie. Now you have zombies locked in a secure building and can have a “Die hard” scenario for the survivors inside.


Why not combine zombies and cyborgs and make a SyFy hit worthy of the station that brought you Sharknado!

Zombie the Snowman

Instead of “some magic in that old silk hat they found” change it to “there must have been contamination in that old silk hat they found, for when they placed it on his head he attacked the entire playground”.

Amazon Zombies!

Not enough female empowering indie films IMO. In this one, the virus starts out with the group of ladies from “The View” as they infect anyone and everyone in site. The only ones that can stop them are a group of suburbanite soccer moms who are finally fed up with their crap.

The Dark Ages

What do we REALLY know about the black plague back in the day? It was before CNN, the internet, and blogs so we can’t know everything about it. What if it was really a zombie apocalypse that the medieval people had to squash to save mankind and we owe them all our lives?