Question: How many Zombie Movie Clichés can one movie have? Answer: All of them!

We love zombies and we love our movies but sometimes it feels like we’ve seen them all before. That’s why this list of Zombie Movie clichés have to end! So let’s dive right in to our list and see if you agree.

#12 – If zombie humans are slow why aren’t zombie animals slow too?

Zombie dog from Resident Evil

Need I say more about it?



#11 – Let’s trick them into thinking we are zombies too!

I’m going to have to say that zombies may not be the smartest in the monster kingdom but I’m pretty sure they go off of smell and not by judging if you can walk like a broken T-Rex or not.

Zombie or broken T-Rex? I can’t tell the difference any more. 



#10 – Don’t let me turn!

That heartfelt moment when the scared friend tells the main character that if they are going to become a zombie they’d rather just die right there. I’d like to hear them reply with something like “Nope I’m going to tie you to a tree, let you turn, then periodically bring meat back here to keep you alive because you are my friend!”



#9 – Not using the “Z” word. Shhhh


It’s completely okay for the movie to take place in a universe where zombie films exists. It’s reasonable to assume that the protagonists may know a bit about how to kill zombies too. But then again we wouldn’t have such great scenes as “What are they?” and my personal favorite “Aim for the head it’s the only way!”.



#8 – But OUR zombies are different

Plague, flesh-eating, revenant, technically living, voodoo, artificial…it doesn’t matter to the audience. there are so many things you can make “different” about the zombie genre but stop messing up the zombie part of it!



#7 – Humans are the REAL bad guys 

Army coming after zombies

The protagonists will often come to realize that zombies are the least of their problems. The real threat will come from roaming gangs of bandits, psychotic military officers determined to mow down everything in sight, or even normal, everyday people who were Driven to Madness by the horror going on around them. But it looks to me like the Military could be quite useful in a zombie film.



#6 – The social commentary

Oh the hipocracy…it stings us! Criticism of Cold War international relations, war on drugs, consumerism and the “hive” mind, the civil-rights movement, or anything else. They very well might be good “causes” or something we generally should think about BUT NOT in my zombie films! Just have zombies, guns, pretty people, and explosions maybe some kung fu…is that too much to ask?



#5 – Car keys above the visor.


Oh I’m dying from a zombie attack and slowly turning… Let me go get my keys and put them above the visor so someone else can find them. Do any of you keep your keys there? Does anyone?

In real life here’s what would happen if you looked and your team asked you guys if you found car keys above the visor.



#4 – The A hole characters

Can’t we all just get along. I mean there’s a clear-cut enemy in the zombies. Why not just be jerks to them instead?



#3 – Hold up in the mall.  

You know who else has this idea? Everyone! You know what that means? It’s going to be worse than Black Friday in Detroit or where ever those people we stomped to death by Christmas shoppers “in the spirit” I guess.



#2 We should be safe now… Suddenly ZOMBIE!

Frequently featured off-screen in every zombie film some character is due to be ambushed by a zombie, which then suddenly lunges into our field of view. They are slow, lumbering, and groan a lot. How can they sneak up on you? Or better still how do you keep an entire room of them quite behind a single locked door. So when our protagonist open it up they flood out after making up for all that lost noise too.



#1 I got bit! I must hide it from everyone!

Sure it may have been some added drama in the past but now it’s just getting old. Let’s change it up to someone who gets bit and says “Fuck it I’m on team zombie now!” and starts wounding survivors so that they will be easier to catch and he can eat them later.

Remember kids. Even though you say you’ll be okay I’m here to say…



Did we leave your favorite out? Let us know what you think in the comments below.