What are you afraid of? A Zombie Outbreak?

If you are truly preparing for a zombie outbreak or just stockpiling food, water, maybe some weapons in your basement then I’m sure you’ve heard that line few times. Or perhaps something along the lines of “zombies aren’t real” gets brought up around family gatherings within earshot of you just to see if they can set you off? Trust me this zombie-phobe understands exactly what you are going through. I’ve had a few eyebrows raised at me over the course of holidays…or basically just my life in general since starting this blog… Oh and my cardio exercise program (to be able to outrun them if necessary). If you want a copy of that cardio program just ask. It’s completely free and will get you in better shape in no time.

However there’s more to my state of mind than just “oh gosh Zombies are coming soon!” and preparing for the unavoidable zombie apocalypse may not be as crazy as it sounds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad at friends and family who try to have a laugh at my expense. I get that it sounds weird to them that I stockpile the stuff that I do. Then again I bet it will sound weird to them when the SHTF and they frantically knock on my door for safety only to hear their jokes repeated back in a snarky tone. (Take that Uncle Dave!). I’m not here to gloat on my eventual and satisfying revenge laugh (I’ll end up taking them in since they are family and generally good to me), but I’m here to suggest another way to look at it. If you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse you are truly prepared for any disaster that comes your way.

Think about recent “Acts of God” that brought cities to their knees, begging the government for help. Hurricane Katrina nearly drowned New Orleans, while it took the government and FEMA days to help the mass survivors crammed into the Superdome. When a record early snowstorm brought down trees and power lines a mass power outage happened in the Northeast U.S. in October of 2011, some people didn’t have basic services restored for over ten days. Last year in Buffalo NY “Snowvember” left the good people huddled around makeshift heating sources while the government struggled to bring power back online.

If the people in each of these disasters had been prepared for a zombie outbreak, they would have been prepared for the disaster that blindsided them. Zombie outbreak survival preparation is a blanket that falls over all disaster readiness. If you’re prepared for Zombies you’re prepared for anything. Adverse weather, acts of God, acts of government, or a global outbreak of epic proportions.

How prepared will that make you for when the SHTF? You’ll at least have a stockpile of water and food, weapons, first aid supplies, and something to keep you warm. If you are smart you’ll also have other amenities that make life a heck of a lot more comfortable like toilet paper, hygienic wipes, toothbrush, beer, etc. and enough of them to last through the initial wave of zombies, or a less cool emergency like a blizzard, or an outbreak like SARS or Ebola. Not only will you be ready to bunker down safely but you’ll also be ready to “bug out” before the zombies (or snow) arrives because you’ll have everything you need in an easy to grab “bug out bag” so you can head for safety in a moment’s notice.

With all that in mind don’t you still think it’s “crazy” to prepare for the zombie outbreak…or is it crazier to not be prepared? Truth is if you are prepared for a zombie outbreak you are prepared for anything.