“Zombies are coming, zombies are coming!”

Once you hear that shouted in the streets it’ll be too late to plan your Escape from Zombies.  We decided to put together a series of unusual tips to help you out when the time arises.  Keep in mind these are not going to be a part of your normal Zombie Survival Plans that you can find on a million other websites.  Some of them might be similar as far as the task at hand goes, but we are trying our best to put a different spin on them.  Because, let’s face it, when the time comes everyone can’t have the exact same plan and expect to survive.

Be Prepared

Food and water will be high on your “Boy I wish I had some” list within a day.  So stock up on some canned soup and canned fruit, peanut butter, couple of cases of water, and some canned meat like SPAM.  This won’t cost you an arm and a leg and you won’t lose an arm OR a leg trying to loot it from the local Walmart either.    Get enough to last you a few weeks or a month.  With that much you should be able to outlast the initial wave from your base camp.

Your base camp should be some place high up for the time being.  A your attic or even a tree house is ideal but if you don’t have anything like that just make sure that you are holed up some place that isn’t easily accessible.  The one thing that most people forget about is that zombies aren’t nimble creatures.  They find it difficult to climb ladders, jump over or go under things, and get stuck behind closed doors if done right.  For right now just hang out some place where you could easily create a “zombie obstacle course” of sorts.    (Hey did I just think up the next reality TV show hit!!!)

After your food, water, and base camp are squared away you should keep some weapons handy.  Maybe stock up with a couple of guns to scare away any looters and a melee weapon in case a zombie or two decides to look in on you and can get past your obstacle course.

Zombie Survival Tip #1

After the initial wave of riots and zombies are over and your supplies are running low it will be time to find a new base camp.  One that will be relatively empty, close to places that you can forage, and maybe have some handy dandy tools that will help you survive for the long haul.  Where would that be?  Why your local library of course.  Think about it.  If you heard “Zombies are coming!” the first thing that pops in your mind wouldn’t be “I’ve got to return my overdue books to the library RIGHT NOW!” would it?  If it is then maybe you’d be better off surrendering and becoming a Zombie Combo Meal.  (I’ll have a leg and a breast please…oh and can I add some extra BRAINS to that please?).

The library is perfect.  They are usually around a neighborhood where you can forage for supplies at people’s houses or maybe some smaller mom and pop type gas stations or grocery stores in the area too.  A place like Walmart or Costco will be overran with survivors trying to get all they can and not caring at all who they hurt to get it.  Plus more zombies will be here and many more zombies made here.  You’ll be able to clean out a place like that after a while but not right now.  Stick to the library where you’ll have little to no competition from humans or zombies.  But wait…there’s more!  The best part will be the massive amount of knowledge that is accessible to you.   Can I eat this wild mushroom?  Look it up.  Can I filter rainwater with my sock?  Look it up.  Can I forage solar batteries from work zone traffic signs to get the power back on and have heat during the winter?  Look it up.  Not to mention the maps that are located in there.   With a little research you will know where the best places to hit for supplies AND the best way to get there.

How you get there will be in part two of this series and trust me…you didn’t think of it.

Do you agree?   Let us know where you’d have your base camp in the comments below.

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